Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Kita yang muda nyantai aja kali ya... "Kolesterol? Makanan apaan tuh?" *ditabok* Itu mah kelewat o'on (__ __)lll

Jangan salah, usia muda justru yang berbahaya kena kolesterol tinggi (capee deh, hari gene masa ga tau sih?) kalo kita nggak jaga pola makan kita baek-baek...

eits! Wa ngomong gene ga sembarangan kaleee~ soalnya ada temen sekelas wa (malah akhir2 nie duduk di sebelah wa) anak palink canteek jelita idung mancung lucu gokil ceria sumringah rada edan dan beringas *ditampar* ternyata punya kolesterol booo'!! Coba deh, klo lu knal ma temen wa ini pasti kaget banged ternyata dy punya kolesterol plus gula darah tuinggi bangggeeeed~!!! Kemaren-kemaren tu dya priksa laboratorium, eee.. kug si BuDok klo kolesterolnya ampe 200-an gtu... bused. Jadinya skarang dy sebulan nie ga bole makan makanan yg lemaknya tinggi kaya Kikil sapi, goreng-gorengan yang minyaknya banyak... de el el. Soalnya kalo ga jaga pola makan, dy bisa kena stroke ato serangan jantung mendadak!! Yaa Rasuuul.... mati muda dhonk yah??

So, slama masih muda gnie, khan sayank klo ternyata tanpa sadar kita udah menumpuk segitu banyak gula darah dan lemak sampe ntup pembuluh darah kita. Hii... seyeeem... >"< Khan kasiyan juga ama si Masa Depan!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame Hoshigaki is a missing-nin from Kirigakure and is partnered with Itachi Uchiha. He gets along considerably better with Itachi than most Akatsuki members do with their own partners, immediately doing as Itachi asks of him and always looking out for Itachi's well-being. His former country, the Land of Water, now seeks him out for plotting to overthrow its government and being involved in numerous assassinations. When he was still loyal to Kirigakure, he was one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist (霧の忍刀七人衆, Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū?), a group of ninja that wield particularly large weapons in battle. Kisame's weapon is called Samehada (鮫肌, "shark skin"), a scale-covered sword that shaves off skin instead of cutting and is capable of absorbing untold amounts of chakra. Samehada only allows Kisame to wield it; if anyone else tries to pick it up, spikes protrude from its handle and it returns to Kisame's side. Like other characters who have trained to be one of the Seven Swordsmen, Kisame enjoys mutilating his opponents, as seen when he suggests cutting off Naruto Uzumaki's legs to make him easier to carry.

Kisame has a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale blue skin, small white eyes, gill-like facial structures, and sharp triangular teeth. Even his name, Kisame (鬼鮫), means "demon shark". His shark-like qualities carry over to the type of techniques he uses in battle, as he often shapes bodies of water into the forms of sharks that proceed to attack opponents. If there is no water source where he happens to be fighting, Kisame can use Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave (水遁・爆水衝波, Suiton: Bakusui Shōha?) to create a lake's worth of water to be used for attacks. Kisame is also noted to have a particularly large amounts of chakra in his reserves; even when he fights at 30% power in one instance his chakra supply is compared to that of a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox-enhanced Naruto Uzumaki.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is a missing-nin from Konohagakure and is partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. During his time in Konoha, Itachi's prodigious talents and rapid development into a skilled ninja earned great attention from his family, the Uchiha clan. His skills were such that his family focused all of its attention on him, ignoring Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, in the process. Over time Itachi began to distance himself from the village and his family, eventually becoming a prime suspect in his best friend, Shisui Uchiha's, death. Before the death could be properly investigated, Itachi killed all the members of the Uchiha clan in a single night so that he could "test [his] ability". Itachi decided to spare Sasuke, however, stating that he was not worth killing; instead, prior to leaving, Itachi told Sasuke to live hating him and to grow strong enough to avenge the clan. At some point in time Itachi joined Akatsuki. While it stands to reason that he joined after massacring the Uchiha clan, the timeline that has been given throughout the series coupled with his age suggests that he joined the organization prior to killing his clan.

Despite his status as a wanted criminal and murderer, Itachi does not display any open enjoyment of violence or combat. Itachi instead prefers to avoid battle or, if that is not possible, end it as quickly as possible while exerting as little effort as he can. When he does fight Itachi remains stationary, attacking only in defense and to otherwise avoid damage. He also studies an opponent's movements with his Sharingan eyes, using them to properly assess an opponent's actions and respond accordingly. His Sharingan is further enhanced when he activates his Mangekyo Sharingan, the strongest ability a member of the Uchiha clan can gain, which he acquired after he killed Shisui Uchiha. With it, Itachi is able to utilize attacks such as Tsukuyomi (月読, literally "Moon Reader"?), a genjutsu that can torture an opponent for what seems like days in a matter of moments. Although these abilities are capable of defeating even the strongest opponents, it has been suggested that he is losing his eyesight as a result of repeated use. Itachi is also very adept with standard genjutsu, and can trap others within an illusion by merely pointing or looking at them, as well as turning their own genjutsu against them. He is also noted to be extremely fast with his techniques and movements, extending to his hand signs and weaponry as well.

about akatsuki

Akatsuki, at any given point in time, is composed of no more than ten primary members. There is no known criterion required for joining the organization, though all known members have severed all ties with the village they grew up in and are S-class criminals, the most wanted and dangerous individuals in the series.

Two members, Itachi Uchiha and Sasori are known to have undertaken a challenging task around the time of their joining the organization: Itachi killed almost all the members of his family in a single night, though it is unclear what his true reasons for doing this were. Sasori, during the course of the battle in which he eventually meets his demise, comments that "[he] hadn't had this much difficulty since joining Akatsuki". In Deidara's case, however, he was forcibly recruited by other Akatsuki members as a result of his effective work as a terrorist.

Members of Akatsuki work in teams of two. Teams are built to complement each other's abilities and talents to create a formidable duo. For example, Kakuzu uses Hidan's immortality to his advantage by using large-scale attacks on those Hidan has pinned down; being immortal, Hidan survives what is normally fatal to his opponent. Zetsu is an exception to this, as he operates by himself at all times. Members whose partners have died also operate by themselves until a replacement can be found. At the very least, members maintain a functioning working relationship with their partner, with some form of loyalty to one another being present in most cases. In other instances a member will only work with their teammate so long as it furthers Akatsuki's goals, with all other matters being a source of dispute between the two. In general, Akatsuki members are unconcerned with the fate of their other comrades, their only point of interest concerning someone's death being who was strong enough to kill them.

Akatsuki is a widespread organization, with its members constantly traveling between countries and its agents operating out of various villages throughout the world. These agents work for specific members for varying purposes; Sasori has a number of agents under a form of mind control that he uses as spies, while Kakuzu has a group of people that take care of his finances. Because the various members are often so far apart, making a meeting in person impractical, they can communicate through a form of telepathy. If there is a need for the group to have more of an interaction with each other, members can use a form of astral projection to meet at one of Akatsuki's many secret lairs. When their entire group meets like this at the end of the first part of the series, one member notes that it had been seven years since they had all been together in such a fashion. Their meetings are much more frequent in the second part of the series due to their increased activity.

Akatsuki members dress in similar clothing: a long, dark cloak bearing red clouds and a red interior with a chin-high collar. All members also wear nail polish of varying colors on their fingernails and toenails. When starting a mission they wear large conical straw hats with small spike-like bells hanging from them to block their faces, but the hats are discarded once they have been discovered. In addition to this more standard wardrobe, members continue to wear forehead protectors from their former home villages, but scratch a line across their village's symbol. This is done to indicate that their ties to the village have been severed and they no longer give allegiance to their former homes. Not all members have their headband visible, and Hidan's headband does not correspond to any known village.

Each Akatsuki member wears a single, unique ring, and no two members wear a ring on the same finger. In total, there are ten rings, and each seems to have some special significance; Tobi believes that he can become a member after finding Sasori's ring, and although Zetsu claims it's not as easy as that, Tobi does indeed become a member. Deidara reinforces the significance of the rings after losing both his arms by expressing more concern for finding the arm with his ring, rather than finding the arm itself. Likewise, when Orochimaru leaves the organization he takes his ring with him, and in the ten years since then he has yet to be replaced. Each ring bears a unique symbol, the first kanji of its name.

Akatsuki initially operate in the shadows, carrying out assassinations and espionage that draw little attention. Some members use their time with Akatsuki to further their own goals; Kakuzu, for example, joined because it makes it easier for him to collect bounties. Soon after the start of the series, however, Akatsuki becomes increasingly more active as its members start to carry out the tasks needed to achieve their ultimate goal: domination over the Naruto world. The leader, Pein, has created a three-step process to work their way towards this goal. First, they plan to obtain a large amount of money to support their organization. Second, they plan to set up a mercenary group loyal only to Akatsuki. To build their reputation, they plan to accept any mission below the usual cost and operate off of the excess funds earned in the first part of their plan. Because there haven't been any wars in some time, the established shinobi villages can't afford to charge such low prices, leading the smaller countries to hire Akatsuki over the more expensive shinobi villages. By using the tailed beasts, Akatsuki can start wars and then immediately quell them, solidifying their reputation and convincing every country to depend on them. Without any business, the other shinobi villages would collapse due to a lack of funds. Finally, after Akatsuki is the only major shinobi force in existence, they could easily conquer the other countries. Despite the severity of this plan, members do not automatically learn of it upon joining; Hidan did not find out about it until asking.

The tailed beasts, nine gigantic demons of immense power, are the focus of much of Akatsuki's effort and screen time within the series. Each Akatsuki member is assigned to capture alive one of the nine beasts or, in most cases, the person that beast has been sealed into. Akatsuki has so far obtained seven of the nine: the One-Tailed Shukaku, the Two-Tailed Demon Cat, the three-tailed beast, the four-tailed beast, and three others.

Once one of the demons has been captured it is taken to the nearest Akatsuki lair where the remaining members then assemble through astral projection. Pein summons a giant statue of a humanoid monster while the beast or its host is placed before it. The members then take their place on the finger of the statue that corresponds to their respective ring, and the group prepares to seal the beast into the statue. For the sealing, nine dragon-like effigies pour from the statue's mouth to surround the captured host, forcefully remove the tailed beast from them, and seal it into the statue. In the case of an unsealed tailed beast, the same thing happens to the beast itself. The sealing process takes three days to complete. Kisame Hoshigaki notes that the demons must be sealed in a specific order, as he states that sealing the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox before the other eight beasts would destroy the statue. Tobi, the character shown giving Pein orders, hints that the tailed beasts have a purpose beyond global conquest, implying that acquiring all nine would allow his Sharingan to return to full power. Pein, however, has different plans on using the tailed beasts, wishing to use them to create a weapon of mass destruction that will force the world to learn the pointlessness of fighting and try to achieve a sense of world peace.

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Sig Parade4


Sig Parade 3

khusus FF XII ^_^

Sig Parade 3

hii.... mentang-mentang baruuu aja download brushes bwaaanyak!!!!
dan aku lgi jatuh cinta ma nie game... ma nie org juga.. OMG!!!

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Kenapa yah kug pengen posting???

hehehehe *swt*

saia pengen ubah jadi item merah lagi aja ah.... khan keren yah minna-san???

Siggy Parade

DMC and Crisis Core