Monday, December 24, 2007



Hayoo.. knapa hayoo..???
Kenapa cobaa?

Hag Hag Hag Hag

*happy dance*

*puts out trumpet and start blowing loudly*

*start singing*

"Happy Birthday to Ya.. Happy Birthday to a.. Happy Birthday Happy Biiirthdaaaay.. Happy Birthday RYOMA~" XD

Yay! It's Echizen Ryoma's Birthday ^_^

According to my schedule, I'll divorce with Ryoma-kun next week and marry Keigo Atobe *sob* but that means I'm still his wife!! :D
*hugz* Aaawww.. Otanjobi Omedetou my lovely lil husband XD

As your wife I should give you my wish for you on your birthday..
And now I wish you..

a MADA MADA DANE sailing days ^_^
Oh! And here's your birthday gift from me *pull out a dynamite and TNT cake*

K then,, have a nice nightmare Husband! Muach.. *waves*